Thursday, July 31, 2008

Lazy Phos

Been really lazy lately, maybe its the heat or maybe I was just born tired and never got rested. Hard to say. Finally got around to downloading some of the pictures from my SLR, they've only been on there about two weeks and thought I'd share some of the Tucson adventure with you. That and I am far to lazy to write anything with meaningful content.

A day as some Wx rolls in (left in the phone poles for your viewing pleasure)

Yukon outside looking in to see if dinner is ready yet


Sorry about the phone poles, but you can't visit an airbase without seeing an entire forest of the damn things - trying to get a photo without one in the frame is near impossible. I did cut out the dumpsters though...

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Not Mute This Monday

Had a post, but in deference to all the Wal-Mart fans out there I removed it. I do hope they build a supercenter behind your house and 86 your property values for you soon, but look at the bright side, you can walk to shop at the company store, what a deal!

Meanwhile, some more night shots. I increased the IR source in hopes of limiting the noise, but will have to work at it a bit more. I suspect I will have to maintain close range to the subject. I was hoping to get some shots of coyotes out in he desert, but as you can see from the picture of my coyote stand-in, Austrella, the noise really becomes a factor.

Not a Coyote


A Friend of Mine

Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Sad Death

Brown feathered Cactus wren
Lying dead in the gutter
No god saw him fall

Friday, July 25, 2008

Taking Back the Night

I have been experimenting with some IR photography. Been photographing at night - as soon as a filter I ordered gets here I am going to try for some IR shots during the day.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tucson Skies

Very pretty down here, we have had rain and look to get more tonight. It has been a great visit and i hate to see it end. I spent most of the day cooking so we can leave some meals in the freezer for our daughter-in-law when we head out. The humidity is really something - not a pleasant something either....

And Now for Something Entirely Different

Time to soothe away the political angst - stare at the picture below until you feel the anger and futility ebb from your body...
Follow the CHI of the Dog...

Saturday, July 19, 2008

'tis the Time of the Season

I stopped by Boney’s site to check out his new political bent and was glad to see he has picked a candidate. As I stated on his comments section it is one of the few privileges left to us, if only just barely. For instance here in AZ the parties have effectively taken your vote in the primaries away if you are an independent.
I am tempted to go on a long political rant, however I shall refrain. Do yourself a favor and read a copy of “Revolution” by Ron Paul. I know, it is an election year “look at me” book but he transcends the BS and makes valid points on the state of the state. If you aren’t thoroughly incensed by the time you have finished the book, please settle back on your couch, open another warm Budweiser, and get back to your NASCAR race…
If you live outside the US it pays to watch your governments closely. Are they representing your best interests? Are the people disenfranchised? Is there a group of people that have been cast aside in the political process? The US has these maladies as does every country on the face of the earth and perhaps it is time to become concerned about the problem.


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Be Right Back After This Commercial Break....

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Playing With Toys

I have a bit of fascination with picture taking, especially with unusual cameras. Amongst these are some toy cameras I have collected. The latest, a MEIKAI 4353SSN (Taiwan) was a Goodwill (thrift shop) find I scored for $2.50. I have been taking pictures with it for a couple of weeks now and I am pretty impressed. The camera is plastic, from the body to the lens and only allows minimal adjustments to account for light levels, but still takes a pretty mean picture. Even the one of Cashew below, though soft, was taken without a flash - that ain't too shabby. I thought I would share a couple of the pictures with you, taken during the past couple of storms, and though scanned into photoshop I didn't do any retouching...

Monday, July 14, 2008

Could've been worse...

Went to the dentist today. That is one place I usually try to avoid, not that I am not concerned about my teeth, just more concerned about the pain associated with someone drilling for oil on my bicuspids. I really have little trouble with my teeth so it is usually no big deal, but this time one of my G.I. fillings was starting to go. I can't kick as the filing is older than most of you so it was rather durable. The dentist did a good job of numbing things up, in fact I only just stopped drooling about 1/2 an hour ago. She replaced the old amalgam with a new space age resin - I think it is the same crap they use on the bottom of the space shuttle so it doesn't burn up on re-entry. The dentist kept asking me if I was feeling any pain and I finally told her that when she suddenly found herself sailing trough the air and hitting the far wall in the waiting room she'd know she hit a nerve. Then I told her I was just kidding to make sure she didn't decide to exact some revenge. Never tease the crocodiles until you are across the river.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

(Not So) Mute Monday: Energy

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Got out a bit today, went to the Heard Museum, dedicated to Indian art. It was very nice and the fact admission was free today didn't hurt either. I took a few pictures, but they didn't allow flash so I got to practice my skills with my monopod and a slow shuter speed. I need more practice.

Got to eat at Dead Slobster the only fish restaurant in these parts. Red Lobster is the reason most people hate seafood. I videotaped the aquarium next to the table so you all could have some mindless aquarium fun. Their fish are about the laziest things I have ever come across, so don't expect much action.

The Heard Museum

Slow moving fish

Rain in the Future??

Friday, July 11, 2008


Ask and ye shall receive - in bucket fulls!! We had a real frog-choker last night and it continued to rain through morning. The Weather-jackass on TV says we should see more rain this weekend, so I have that going for me, which is nice. I need to sneak a couple of shrimp skewers on to the grill in between showers, though. I'll alternate the shrimp with red bell pepper and mushrooms - would have loved to have some Poblanos as well, but the market didn't have any. Baste it with a mixture of olive oil, lemon, and oregano and voila, fish and chips. I got some small chunks of sirloin for soulvaki as well.

Well, must go I have a pizza crust rising in the oven that needs looking after. You all have a great weekend!!!!!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

And the Skies Were Cloudy All Day

So far Monsoon season has been a fizzle on this side of the Valley. Lots of clouds, my weather radio alarm sounding off with numerous alerts, but no action. I don't really want the damaging winds or the blowing dust, but some precip is more than welcome. It is still hot, in the 100's, but it is no longer a dry heat as the humidity is rising as well - just not rising enough to coax the stubborn clouds into giving forth. As /t. pointed out once, it does give us some fantastic skies though!!

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Time Warp

Long Fourth - I am just now able to collect my wits enough to write anything. Had a great time, a nice visit with my daughter, her husband and our grandpuppy. Tried an experiment with the ribs I grilled which worked out quite well. Some folks put a rub on the brisket, wrap it in foil and then toss the whole package on the grill. They let it go for the first couple of hours in the foil on low heat (about 250F). I did the same with the ribs, then opened them for the second hour and tossed some hickory on for smoke. Leaving them in the foil ensured that they were very juicy and the meat would come off the bone with little effort. I was pretty happy with the results. I made some BBQ sauce to go with them, which turned out a bit salty, unfortunately. I usually don't use sauce on the ribs allowing the meat, rub and smoke to provide the flavor, but I had a special request. The secret to the sauce was a generous shot of Jack Daniels, but next time I back off the kosher salt a bit.

Sorry to have been out of touch for so long, but thee isn't much I can do about it now. Hope everyone is doing well - I need to peruse your Blogs and see what I have missed.

Sharai cooling off with some 4th of July "Frosty Paws" ice cream

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Happy 4th o' July

Time for us to celebrate our independence and the Brits to celebrate being rid of us. It is also a good time to reflect upon how good we have it in the states. Although the system isn't perfect by any stretch of the imagination we live in a much less restrictive environment than many in the world.

The noise in the background is from jet aircraft and one of the reasons I am now deaf. If I came away with anything from the tape I made it is to mount the camera on a tripod next time.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Tagged by a Lamb

If I was to take a trip, what would I take???

Pick five CDs for the trip.

- Tom Waits - Orpahns
- Oakenfold - Great Wall
- Beatles - White Album
- Soundtrack from O Brother Where Art Thou
- Crunk Classics Vol. III

Pick three essential items.

- Camera
- Walking stick
- pocket handkerchief

-- Pick one outrageous wardrobe item (something that will make you stand out at a party; you must own this item already).

- My Stahlhelm

With all that I think I am pretty well covered, depending on which mythical locale I was planning on visiting. Might want some lamb repellent after watching the video on Lamby's Blog...

I won't pin this wrap on anyone,but if you feel like playing along, please do!