Friday, June 24, 2011

Still plugging away

Tea Party Meeting

I've been a real slug. I have been unable to do much more than consume more than my share of oxygen and feel sorry for myself as far as the lack of work goes.

I do have some things to look for ward to, however. We are reaching the end of the First Primate's term and hopefully by now the American people have realized chimpanomics doesn't work. Unfortunately there aren't any worthwhile replacements waiting in the wings, the Tea Party is a joke (and a bad one at that), so bend over for the 2012 elections. I'm just prayijng the Rethuglicans don't pick Palin to run again. All you foreigners out there, don't be chuckling too hard because you have to live with our choices down here, like it or not. Just pick up a racing magazine, look at the crowd pictures for the NASCAR races, then comes the slap in the face -- all those assholes in the picture can vote. Yep, every toothless, mouth-breathing slack jawed chinless inbred one of 'em will be lined up at the ballot box (providing they aren't too drunk to find there way there). Just something to look forward too...

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sometimes life is complicated...

Yep, thinks can get tangled from time to time, but fortunately I am not the guy that has to make sense of the snake's nest in the picture. See, it could always be worse, as in the bit about the "Last Guy" by Arlo Guthrie.

Missed posting over Memorial Day, but I had kids and grandkids and dogs running around the house, so I had a good excuse.

I did think of those who gave their lives for freedom as well as the soldier of today whored out by our gov't to secure the rights of Big Oil. Let's pray that the gov't finally sees the light and pulls the troops out of Afcrapistan. The Afcrapistanis, Iraqafucks, and the rest of the unwashed thieving two faced bastards running countries in SWA can go rot in whatever hell they believe in as far as I am concerned. As I haev said in the past you can't give anyone freedom, it has to be earned or it means nothing. As for our present gov't and the bilious bastards calling the shots, to hell with them as well. They have all been bought and paid for turning our military into Big Business's private army.

Meanwhile bright and promising young men and women are being slaughtered to prop up gov'ts run by a pack of ungrateful goat-shaggers. Sad really.