Friday, July 25, 2014

General Bitching

Is it just me or are things spinning out of control at home and a broad?  We have the Russians nosing into the Ukraine, shooting down airliners, using thugs in Ukraine to advance their agenda, and then there's Putin, more of a mob boss than a president. Russia has so much potential, but as it stands now their major export is crime.

Then we have the never-ending battle royale in the Middle East.  One would think that after several thousand years of trying to kill each other off, the participants would realize that repeating the same terrorist/military bullshit over and over expecting different results is the very definition of insanity. I suspect the thugs on the Arab side have just come to enjoy killing and use their religious zeal as an excuse to keep doing it. Bottom line, Terrorism doesn't work and Iran is the problem (guess Mr. Bush was too big a pussy to invade Iran so he hit Iraq, thereby securing his nomination as  Noble's  Asshole-Laureate.

Speaking of presidents (and government) that aren't worth a hoot in hell, welcome to these United states.  We have two parties that make decisions based on how it will affect elections rather then if it is the right thing to do or not. Add tot he mix some Christofacisists and health care for the poor and the middle class doesn't stand a chance. AS for Obama, his main contribution to the US is making light bulbs more expensive and substituting Mercury for carbon. Good trade. It also upsets me that he allows one of his troops to rot in a Mexican jail, while illegals run free here.  He turns out to be one more sad little Cook COunty politician.

Finally the state of AZ where hillfolk and Christofacists rule the roost and run the government in their version of Jesus' name. Now ti is election time and for governor we have Fred Flintstone, a Red-haired step child, a nutless lawyer, and a Democrat who has a really nice hair cut. This is going to be ugly.