Sunday, August 30, 2009

Cookin' Southern Stylee

Mrs. Phos has a to-do at School and the theme is Southern cooking. She turned down my offer to cook up some greens, which I love, but figured chicken and dumplings and biscuits and gravy are the way to go. I have made biscuits and gravy, but not the chicken and dumplings so this should be interesting. As far as biscuits, my track record with baking ranks right up there with the Great Pompeii Greek Fry-off of 79 A.D..

I'll try anything once though so biscuits it is. I usually cheat and use the glop that comes in a can. Ok, you caught me, I like the way the stuff explodes out of the tube when you smash it on the counter. Anything involving an explosion or ball of fire counts as fun in my book.

I am taking some liberties with the chicken, the recipe calls for it to be cooked in the pot, but I find this is unnecessary if I use stock, so I plan on grilling the chicken beforehand, then adding the meat later. The North won, South lost, so I do it my way.

Monday, August 24, 2009

New Arrival

Friday, August 21, 2009

Waiting for Tori

I've been down in Tucson trying to help out a bit and ready to watch grandson Max should mom and dad have to head to the hospital in a rush - don't want my granddaughter born in a cab...

Haven't been doing much but cooking and trying to help where I can. Tried to convince Mrs. Phos I needed another husky when a stray happened along, but that met with the usual resistance, so the pup is on its way to the shelter.

I am sleeping on an air bed and I think grandpuppy Cashew likes it more than I do, she spends more time on the thing and probably wonders why they don't have it out all the time.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Yep, Still Here

Sorry about the lack of postage lately, I have been filling out applications, forwarding resumes, and talking with folks in order to find some sort of honest work. I don't want to have to break out my Grandma's favorite Meth recipe in order to make a living - the secret was a dash of cinnamon, in case you were wondering.

Went to the Arizona Workforce Office and was amazed at how many Obamabucks are being thrown into creating a huge intricate gov't bureaucracy. They route you through as many people as possible so each worker can count you as being served on their report. So far I've seen a lot of flapping lips but no job or cash.

Still waiting to hear back from Troops to Teachers, probably better call them today. I am still confused as to how they can help me since they don't place anyone, don't seem to fund anyone, and I still have to figure a way to become certified. Not only that but I think I have to be certified to teach geography or social studies as well. All that course work will be interesting in that I haven't been feeling very clever lately.

Meanwhile I am playing Mr. Mom to two huskies. Great job so far!!!

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Week Three

Week three of the big job hunt and the only nibbles are from insurance companies looking for sales people. If I wanted to be an asshole, I'd go to law school.

Just spending time re-working the the resume and hitting the online job sites. I am considering the Troops-to Teachers, route, but one has to sell their soul to the government and I really don't want to wind up teaching at Che Guevara High. Beyond that there is the little matter of who is going to pay for the courses I will need for certification as a teacher. The Troops-to-Teachers assholes are oddly quiet on that subject, despite several e-mails requesting information. If it is like any of the other Veteran's programs there are probably no funds. Osama bin Obama, our first Kenyan President, is too busy handing the cash out to big business to be bothered with his troops. That's what the public gets when making someone with no military experience chief of the military. It is a ludicrous making putting government in charge of a giant automobile corporation.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

Money for Nothing and the Chicks for Free

In my never ending search for employment I found several sites that will pay bloggers. Won't be running out and buying that Escalade nay time soon, but at least I am doing something I enjoy.

I am also revamping the resumes in hopes of coming up wiht one that attracts soem attention from a compnay that doesn;t want me to seel insurance.