Friday, July 29, 2011

Death of the Space Program

Barack bin slama-licka Ali Obama, in his usual two-faced manner, pretty much cut the balls off NASA while touting a trip to Mars. It's a shame that NASA got a bent over, not because we aren't in space as much as we're missing out on some tech spinoffs and potential role models.


A lot of today's tech toys were direct result of needs generated by the space program. Grappling with a problem as complex as leaving earth and navigating space drives great minds to come up with solutions. It may be said that the challenge increased brain power in the US substantially. Now China and Russia will take the lead on space and derive benefit from the exploration, leaving the US far behind and cementing our place in the Third World.


When I was kid, after we got over wanting to be cowboys and right after the Mercury program there wasn't a kid in the neighborhood that didn't want to be an astronaut. Now, unless you are a billionaire and can hitch a ride with the Ruskies, you're shit out of luck. The media offers up hollywood whores, ball monkeys, and thugs on MTV.

Bottom line is we need a space program, not to bring cheese back from the moon, but the invaluable side benefits. I figure some drastic pay cuts for congressmen and high government officials, pulling out of Afcrapistan, Iraq, and Libya, allowing the arabs to fix their own mess, should free up enough money and manpower (there are a lot of brilliant military techs) to keep the space program going for the foreseeable future.


At 1:41 PM, Blogger boneman said...

well, he's running on some thin ice, I'll say that.
My only wants were all promises, and I never stop writing and telling him and Lugar.
I tell Coats, too, but that bastard is starting a six year go at it, and really doesn't need anybody for a couple of years.
Legalize marijuana (I know he said decriminalize, but if that's ALL that happens, the drug dealers win big, and your state is on the DMZ)
(the above also accounts for hundreds of thousands of JOBS! What the heck are they waiting for?)
Dang it...just as plain as could be. We captured the "bad guy" and we lost over 4000 troops to Bush junior's Iraqi play date, now it's time to bring those troops HOME!
TAX the RICH so that the POOR aren't supporting those parasites, anymore! And keep their cotton pickin' greedy, grimey, greasie mitts off of our social security!

On a personal note, I add in, stop paying subsidies to oil corporations...I think they make ENOUGH profit for fifty lifetimes.
(going off, aren't I)
The infrastructure thing...we don't need roads built to the standards of the last century. IF we're going electric (or hybrid) then lighter weight vehicles means that the roads don't have to cost as much as they do.

But, that is all unimportant to me, now.
What IS important is, the Huskie stayed.
Cute Katie Coyote. She looks like a blue eyed coyote.
But, boy oh boy, it's been a killer heat wave, and I came by to ask what I can offer the dog for comfort.
Besides letting her stay outside...she isn't fixed, yet.
And the rich ass "job creators" in my state are sitting on their money like a pack of, nary a job to be had without ...youth.
(fat chance that last)


At 7:17 AM, Blogger /t. said...

china & russia
will pick up where us left off

then again, china & russia didn't squander triliions+++ on wars against this, that, and the other -- you're broke because you spent every freakin' penny on wars that made billionaires of a handful of your least gullible citizens -- the rest of you just paid for it -- you didn't stop there, though -- after you spent every single dime, then you ran out and borrowed against the next 50 years to keep on warring

but america won the cold war!

no you didn't -- you just took longer to lose than the other guys

that said, i do wish you well with getting it back together because we're all in it to the neck now


At 11:41 AM, Blogger The Phosgene Kid said...

B-man: Glad a bout the husky, God don;t make no ugly huskies!! I agree enough of the war shit. I know it's all about controlling the oil to make the rich richer, but maybe it's time to drag the guillotine back into the village square and start chopping off the heads of the rich and famous.

/t.: I agree. And to top it off we borrowed the money from communists- the same sons of bitches we fought so long to depose. Unfortunately if the US fails it'll be back to trapping beavers for you all. Though I never met a beaver I didn't like...

At 7:00 AM, Blogger Becky said...

His intentions are so clear its not even funny! He wants to collapse our economy and start a new one, he is following Sol Olinsky's plan to a T.

At 8:09 AM, Blogger Butterfly Mage said...

I am **SO** disappointed in Obama. In his inaugural address, he promised to elevate science to it's proper place in America. Well, that was a broken promise -- just like 85% of his other promises. Obama is just an empty suit.

On the bright side, since he believes in stem cell research, maybe some clever scientist somewhere can grow a SPINE for him in a vat.


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