Friday, September 15, 2006


Taking a break from house cleaning – we have a big hoohah Sunday and I want to get a head start. Looks like we’ll have pretty much the whole Phos clan here this weekend, plus some assorted in-laws. Should be fun. The most exciting part is introducing our grandpuppy Cashew to our unsocialized doggies. I suspect I will get a taste of what Roy Horn of “Siegfried and Roy” felt as the tiger was dragging him off stage for a quick snack (the tiger not Roy). Lucky for Roy the tiger thought the meat tasted a little queer and dropped him.

If you want to see some interesting pictures of Oregon, check out the CrallSpace, Dan has some great shots of the country side and some small towns…

Speaking of photos, I just got a new Canon S3 so I will be bothering you with some test shots… Well, vacuum cleaner is calling, have a great weekend!