Sunday, December 04, 2005

The Big Lie

I read a clip from a news article and found a frightening parallel to the philosophy Hitler espoused, probably devised by Gobbles, his political analyst. The clip reads as follows:

Although White House officials said many federal departments had contributed to the document, its relentless focus on the theme of victory strongly reflected a new voice in the administration: Peter D. Feaver, a Duke University political scientist who joined the N.S.C. staff as a special adviser in June and has closely studied public opinion on the war.
Despite the president's oft-stated aversion to polls, Dr. Feaver was recruited after he and Duke colleagues presented the administration with an analysis of polls about the Iraq war in 2003 and 2004. They concluded that Americans would support a war with mounting casualties on one condition: that they believed it would ultimately succeed.

Hitler’s Philosophy was tell a large enough lie often enough and people will readily accept it as the truth. It worked for him, so Bush’s latest neoconazi advisor is probably a good choice as the ad manager for the “Vietnam of the Mideast”.

Victory is a difficult term to get your hands around anyway. In the Civil War there were many battles that would have been considered a loss in terms of a body count, but one side or the other would declare victory. Iraq is rapidly becoming a similar proposition. The Mullahs in Saudi and other “friendly Arab countries” are breeding exploding zealots almost faster than the Army can recruit. Who wants to join the Army at this point – “we’ll send you to college, but you’ll be attending classes in a box.” It isn’t the fault of the troops doing the fighting; it is the misguided leadership that put them in harm’s way to begin with.

They have been set up by an Administration run by the Duke of Lies (whether through ignorance or direct manipulation of the facts concerning Iraq, we’ll never hear the truth). The sad thing is they aren’t fighting for us; they are fighting and dying for Iraqis - the Shit-ites to be precise.

The funny thing is none of them want us there anyway. The only ones making out are the contractors that are feasting on the spoils of war, particularly Cheney’s old company (odd that they nailed an exclusive contract to rebuild Iraq, and following in their former CEO’s footsteps began to lie and cheat). The Oil Barons that have fomented this war aren’t going to get those juicy oil contracts that this was all about in the first place, because the Iraqi bitches are going to go back to being the same pack of assholes they were before we stuck our nose in their fucked up business. The war there isn’t about democracy to the Iraqi’s, they could give a damn about that, it is about who comes out on top. The Sunnis are pissed because they lost their plum position in the country and the Shit-ites are looking for payback. You are dealing with people that have been conditioned to carry a grudge for thousands of years.

In the end it doesn’t matter, Bush will have his way and the fat cat republican legislature will be on their knees blowing him until the cows come home (and you thought ex-pres Clinton was a total fucking whore – hey, he and Whorelliry wanted to be like the Kennedy’s, and by God except for Johnny’s permanent headache they did it). Our government is all about the money and the ideal of being "for the people, by the people" has been changed to "for the big business and the wealthy, by big business and the wealthy. Sure, you can still vote, but you'll only be able to vote for their choice.