Thursday, November 24, 2005

Addendum to “The Kid’s Dickhead of the Week”

Never Write angry and if you do, check the spelling. After rereading the mess I entitled “Dickhead of the Week” I was horrified. The spelling mistakes made me look like the dickhead (though Mr. McCain and the “Gang of Three” aren’t off the hook on this one).

As far as Gary’s “support the troops” comment – I was one of the troops. I don’t want to see the common soldier’s life thrown away so casually or any American lives spent on a cause where the politicians set them up for failure (Fallujah part 1). Sen Murtah was in the mess on the ground so he knows. Forget he’s a Democrat – one party always plays the party politics card against the other when it espouses an unpopular cause. It is time to start withdrawing our folks.

It is also time to stop paying alternative energies sources lip service and make it happen. They are attacking us economically and we should do the same. Take their money away and leave them to live in their mud huts and treat their women like property (apparently many of them really like that idea).

Why aren’t the other gulf nations stepping in to help ease the situation (the answer is that by and large folks in that part of the world don’t dirty their hands when then can easily get someone else to do it – oh, and Gary, I was there and saw it for myself, in case you were wondering). It would be in their best interests to make sure Iraq develops as a peaceful and stable entity in the Gulf. So far the only Arab nations to participate are Iran, fomenting trouble behind the scenes; Saudi Arabia, providing “martyrs”, and Syria, giving the insurgents safe haven and allowing the “Martyrs” to pass freely through the shit-hole they call a country. Not very positive action on their parts. I suspect none of the despots AKA royal families want to see Democracy take root in the Gulf as it would be a death knell for their way of life (though they could become Republicans and exploit the living shit out of the poor so in effect nothing would change).

Anyway, it just doesn’t matter what I think. The rich and powerful are going to do what the please and the common man be damned. Like the senate declaration in Mel Brook’s “History of the World”, “Fuck the poor!”