Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Screw the Bastards

Here’s our big chance!  The Iraqi’s want a time table for us to leave and who are we to argue?  I know Cheney wants us to stay as guards for his old company and the Bushmaster is salivating over all that oil that isn’t his so it ain’t happenin’, but  I say it is high time to stop wasting American lives on those bastards.  You want to support our troops, then pull them out of that shit-hole before we lose anymore soldiers.  Most of the generals are fucked in the head – they want life after the army so they are happy to suck congressional (and presidential) dick to make that happen.  After having been in the military I realize that few of the upper level leaders are worth a damn.  They say the cream rises to the top, but shit also floats.

I think it might be best to dust off Saddam and put him back in charge.  Sure he’s the squid’s dick, but a least he kept the rest of the little assholes in check. And here’s a message for our commander-in-chief, if you want to defeat the terrorists get off the oil.  Go alcohol (Bush should be familiar with that), hydrogen, whatever and leave our Arab pals sucking air through a straw.  No oil money no funds for terrorists from Buttslamistan.