Thursday, November 10, 2005

Slow Death in El Mirage

Here I am living in beautiful El Garbage, also known as El Mirage, AZ. I reside in a brand new dying neighborhood, one of the Valley’s newest developing ghettos run by a succession of political failures. Each successive city government has managed to dig the hole the El Mirage has become a little deeper. The shine is wearing off the new neighborhoods as they become rife with rentals. The original settlement is a pock on the ass of the earth, festering puss it calls a CBD.

Why not move? Ah, that remark always earns me the dreaded “Look” for the better half. I have been trapped by circumstance and economics.

I have attempted to become more civically involved with the hope of being able to have a bit of a voice – that is not going to happen, however. The folks running things have little or no concern about the desires of others – sound familiar? Even a committee I am now on has a prescribed agenda geared to advancing ASU and there will be no deviation from that agenda.

This has been a bit of a rant – not a great idea for my first post, not terribly funny, but I had to get that out. El Mirage, its government, the Home Owner’s Association, and the hill-folk that live in it be damned, halleluiah, amen.