Sunday, November 13, 2005

Dance to the Drum

This past Veteran’s Day was probably one of the best. Aside form being in the US to celebrate the holiday with my family, I got to see a special Powwow at ASU West. This Powwow honored all the Native American Vets (Native Americans have been bolstering the ranks for the American Armed forces through the Civil War to the present, with one in four Native Americans having served in the military) with dancing and traditional music. One of the most outstanding drums were the Panther Creek Singers. There were a total of six drums at the celebration, and dozens of dancers. Styles ranged form Northern plains to deep Southwest. The music was tremendous – very stirring.

I have enjoyed Native American music since first coming across it on public radio in South Dakota. Black Lodge Singers, Keith Secola, Redleaf Singers, Youngbird, are a few of the different groups I have listened to, but best way to experience the music is at thew powwow. With the drums, the singing, and the fancy dancers it is truly a feast for the senses.

I hope the Powwow at ASU will be an annual event – it was tremendous!