Thursday, December 08, 2005

Star Struck

Star Struck

I still have a big problem connecting government with Hollywood stars. I know both parties like to have stars around them because they attract starstruck morons (AKA voters), but to actually put one in office? The only saving grace is they may have advisors that aren’t complete idiots.

Quote from news:

While Mr Schwarzenegger has said he intends to stand for re-election next year, there are known to be two lucrative Hollywood offers awaiting him: Terminator 4 and a sequel to True Lies.
There is, however, only one problem with the move to draft Gibson to stand for governor: nobody has asked him. Gibson's office refused to comment on the website yesterday, adding that he had never expressed an interest in standing for political office. Mr Spence said his organization, part of the Republican Party, was trying to get an audience with the actor. "We hope to meet with him and encourage him," he said.
Should they succeed, it raises the bizarre prospect of Californian voters being faced with a choice between Warren Beatty and Mel Gibson for governor

Of course it is California where fruits and nuts aren’t just for desert anymore. Ronald Regan got his start there, Clint Eastwood too – if memory serves me right he played the game stars love, coming out in support of something that suddenly affects them. In Mr. Eastwood’s case I do believe he was in a fight with the city over a permit for his bar – if you can’t beat ‘em join him. Not too sure what his track record as Mayor was, though his opponents probably often wondered if they were feeling lucky and he got his permit.

For some reason stars seem to believe just because they can play a part in some crappy movie they can run a city/state/country. Other then the sex and drugs the connection between Hollywood and Washington is tenuous at best. California would be much better off turning their backs on the silver screen and try to find someone with actual leadership capabilities. Or at least pick a director to run for office – Ron Howard (what voter could resist clean-cut all-American small-town boy Opie?) or Henry Winkler might be good choices.

I suspect the main reason the Republican Party and Schwarzenegger are parting company is Schwarzenegger has a snowball’s chance in hell of becoming President (the no fuzzy foreigner clause). Members of the Hitler Youth (in fact or in spirit) have a better chance at becoming pope, everyone knows that. OK, Arnie is too young to have been in the Hitler Youth, but if he had been he’d’ve been the guy holding the flag.