Thursday, July 22, 2010

Warping of time

Einstein was convinced time could warp and bend around certain objects. Further research ash found this does happen around black holes and other space phenomena, but one could look even closer to home to find this same event.

All one has to do to watch time slow to a crawl is pick a line at the grocery store, one that seems to be moving along well and join it. Once in line watch carefully as the time gradient slowly bends and warps to the next line allowing it to speed up, while yours slows to the kind time only used by geologists. Now switch lines to the one that is moving, and viola, time again bends to the line you were in. No black holes, necessary just the dreaded call “price check,” or watching grandma pull out her coin purse and start counting out her change.

Watch closely the while driving on the highway, as traffic slows in one line all the NASCAR geniuses quickly dive over to the next that is still moving. And what happens to these would be race car drivers? Why they are stuck in another slow lane as all they have done is followed the curve of warping time, nervously eying the gas gauge on their jacked up mudswamper pickup.

It is interesting to see that physics isn’t just for the egg heads, but it affects us all every minute of the day. Next: The watched pot…


At 4:40 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

and then there
is the strange phenomenon
of (perceived) "reversing time"

or literally, "time moving backwards"

waiting for the wife to dress for a party...



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