Saturday, February 11, 2006

What a great day. Hit breakfast and then off to the tractor show with a friend. That’s right, a tractor show.

Folks bring their tractors from hither, thither, and yon to show them off, compete, and just have a good ol’ time. I know I did! I was a little disappointed there were only two really old tractors, an Oil Pull and a Case Steam tractor, but there were lots of old Johnny-poppers, Cases, Farmalls, and Allis Chalmers to make up for it. Most from the 40s and 50s.

They had a tractor pull, a contest that had its roots in early consumer testing – the farmers got together and pulled weights with different tractors to sort the factory claims about the tractor out from reality. Even then industry was out to skin the unwary. Now it is just about bragging rights.

There were engines of various types, demonstrations of cotton ginning and butter churning, and chickens. I think the chickens were part of the ambiance of the Sahauro Ranch where they held the show.

There were some tractors for sale, but if I would have brought one of them home, I would have wound up here –

Even better, after looking at the tractors, we headed out and did lunch at Thee Pits Again, a great B-B-Q place my brother had turned me on to. Not a bad day all in all. Can’t beat tractors and barbeque all in one day. We resolved to have another boy’s day out soon…