Thursday, February 02, 2006

Got Yer Cartoon Right Here!

I happened upon another site and there were interesting items on religion, ecology, and accordions. I don’t know anything about accordions, except the group “Those Darn Accordions” are pretty good. Any rate, beyond the squeezebox, maybe religion isn’t an opiate, maybe it is a poison. The whole purpose behind the allah, jesus, and the rest was to establish some rules so we could all live together in harmony. Since the adherents to any of most religions have chosen to subvert, qualify, or outright ignore the rules that the deities they are ready to kill for set up with no repercussions, they have proven those gods are just fictional characters.  Religion has become the driving force behind most of the mayhem in the world – hell even the Skinheads use religion as a pretext.  I think it is time to turn our back on supreme beings and start realizing it is up to us to save our own collective ass.  

Life and the earth are very fragile, call it an accident, a miracle, whatever – we are here.  I think it is time to stop being a pack of assholes and start husbanding our very own dirt clod a bit more wisely.  It would be really nice if we’d forget the god crap and just start getting along as people and realize each life has a value, and oh by the way, there are rules to live by – no killing of any kind, no stealing of any kind, no lying cheating or finagling to get a leg up on your neighbor.  

The more I see of people’s actions from religious groups, government organizations, hate groups, and even power mad HOA fascists I have had enough of the controlling bastards and their crap religious superheroes.   There are no virgins, there’s no promised land, no happy snappy hunting ground dead is dead – make your life count now by making a helpful contribution to the welfare of others, to preserving our earth up until the time ol’ Sol has had enough expands out and roasts earth like a marshmallow on a stick.   Need to worship something to feel complete try your fellow man or the frikkin’ ground you walk on.