Friday, January 27, 2006

Another Meth Victim

Yes, I stand before you a victim of methamphetamines. No, I have never take the crap but am a victim none-the-less. It all came about when I was fighting a killer cold and stopped by the local market in the wee hours of the morning. All I wanted were some cold tabs to help unplug the ol’ beazer, but alas the shelves were bare. It suddenly dawned on me why – because we have snapper heads out here that use them to manufacture meth. Big money peddling some real poison. Anyway, anything with pseudoephedrine in it is now safely behind the counter – real safe in this case as the pharmacy was closed.

Why people use it is beyond me. Below is a list of ingredients, no not the recipe for a Streets of New York pizza (though close) but the mouth watering fixings for a batch of Meth.

  1. Stained coffee filters 2. Empty pseudoephedrine blister packs 3. Strong solvent or ammonia odors* 4. Acetone 5. Toluene 6. Denatured alcohol 7. Red Devil Lye 8. Red Phosphorous* 9. Lithium batteries 10. Anhydrous Ammonia* 11. Heet or gas-line treatments with methyl alcohol 12. Drain cleaner with sulfuric acid 13. Heat source* 14. Glassware (beakers or mason jars) 15. Coffee grinder with white powder residue* 16. Stained tubing* 17. Hypodermic syringes 18. Written recipes* *Items to be aware of, not in photo

I don’t see anything on that list I’d put in my mouth, and I am not a bashful eater. I know of a real diehard alcoholic that has consumed some of the above products, apparently with little ill effect, but I still wouldn’t recommend it.

Is a sad day when you can’t walk into a store and by something to help ease a cold or the flu, but such are our times. The unfortunate side effect of this is the state, by mandating the pseudoephedrine be controlled, is boosting business for the assholes just South of the border. from us who have no compunction about peddling anything from their sisters to drugs to the shit-eaters on this side of the border. On the upside sometimes things go terribly wrong and they kill each other off, but it doesn’t happen often enough to be of much consequence and most oft as not some poor innocent bastard gets killed in the cross fire. I still say we should have invaded Mexico instead of Iraq. I mean the place qualifies – it’s a shit hole, the president is an asshole, and they have oil and a large exploitable population. That should have had our Republican friends wetting their pants in anticipation, and I am sure our illustrious president would like to avenge the Alamo once and for all.