Sunday, February 05, 2006


It just keeps getting better and better. Now, because of some cartoons, the allahists have decided allah would like them to burn anything resembling a Danish Embassy. What a wondrous, forgiving, and loving god allah must be - and the prophet who shall not be lampooned, well say no more! The sooner we get rid of the oil shit the better. Then they can stay back in their crappy little sand box (I have been there and aside from drinking Foster’s on top of a hotel at the Cloud nine club the whole area is a steaming pile of shit) and chop each other’s heads off all the live long day. I see muslims running around here all the time, the women all bundled up apparently happy to be treated like a piece of furniture and can’t help but wonder if the Mideastern sun hasn’t baked the brains right out of the skulls. There is the hue and cry from the church here saying the muslims here aren’t down with terrorism or chopping off heads or burning embassies but I don’t see any of them doing anything to stop the shit. And why aren’t the Persian Gulf countries a little more active in helping straighten their neighbors out a bit? I know why - arabs don’t like getting their hands dirty, and import all the hired help (there were times I thought I was back in the Philippines whilst in Bahrain) so Bush-daddy has sold them our army. I was in the service; I fought in the first gulf war so I don’t want to hear any crap about not supporting our troops. The enlisted folks are giving their blood and soul over there, have seen there duty and do it without question as we always have, but enough is enough.