Saturday, December 31, 2005

And a Happy Snappy New Year to You!

Another year shot to hell, though it had its moments. Now it is time to make all those promises people make while thoroughly liquored up, and then promptly forget or dismiss once sobered up the next day. I have already noticed the diet books have been moved to the front of the book store and see a lot more folks jogging then usual. It is kind of like trying to find a seat in church on Easter and Christmas when there seems to be a significant rise in the number of believers – eventually their subconscious tells them it’s ok to sleep in on Sunday or go jogging tomorrow (which never seems to come).

I beat the rush to disillusionment by not making any myself any promises I know won’t work. I find the lower you aim the less far you have to fall. I know this year I will struggle with my weight, and fight depression but there is no use kidding myself that by making a solemn vow on New Years Eve that I will completely overcome life’s unpleasantness

If I did make any resolutions I would try to resolve to not worry about things that I perceive to be problems and realize there’s no sense getting worked up about stuff you can’t do anything about – like that could happen. I am a born worrier and don’t see that changing any time soon.

Anyway, it will be nice to have the family together (more or less) on New Years Eve and just enjoy each others company. Staying off the roads crowded with drunken snapper heads that can’t seem to get the message and inside away from falling bullets that certain folks in our community seem to feel obligated to fire into the air at midnight.

You all have a good one and better luck next year!!