Thursday, January 29, 2009

A Sad Farewell

Staff Sgt. Roberto Andrade Jr is home. He was greeted by a military formation, an honor guard, his family, and a group of kindred spirits come to pay their respects. At 1000Hrs a nondescript charter plane pulled up, the door swung open, and the crew took loving respectful care disembarking Roberto. The waiting honor guard rendered a final salute, as the flag draped casket was lowered and funeral detail marched the Staff Sergeant’s casket to a waiting hearse. Roberto Andrade is home at last.

He is one of many who have died fighting Islamic Terrorism, the war and his death all but lost in the din and turmoil of the day. Sadly, it seems as though he will not be the last for many years to come. You are not forgotten Roberto, as little comfort that may be. Welcome home comrade, and thank you for your sacrifice.