Saturday, November 15, 2008

Out of Office Reply

There might be some turkeys in this picture, you never know...

Going to unshackle myself form the computer for a bit, got to get out and see the grandpuppy across town. Been a while since I've seen the kids and really get to missing them. I am really looking forward to Thanksgiving (the real one, not the fake Canadian one - I think their Thanksgiving has something to do with the establishment of Hockey as a sport) when we're all together.

Got kind of a head start on the holiday, the squadron I work with has a dinner to celebrate the upcoming holiday on Monday, so I smoked some turkey roasts yesterday. That'll be my contribution to the feast, anyway and it gets me in the groove to do some more for our own family celebration. We're taking a page out of the Canuck book and celebrating on the wrong day - Friday vice Thursday, so my son and his wife can have T-Day with her folks. As long as I get some Turkey I am not too worried. Hell, might even start celebrating the Canadian version too, can never have enough holidays with food involved.

If you buy off on the Plymouth rock story we actually celebrate the arrival of the Christian Right on the shore of this continent. The rest, as they say, is history, though in fact the Christian right is still alive and well. It wasn’t all bad, because besides bringing us a jesus right or wrong attitude they also came up with the classic arrow through the head gag. Hard to believe considering their rule number 1, “Thou Shalt Not Have Fun of Any Kind.” Anyway they set up shop, much to the chagrin of the neighbors, and took a short break from killing Indians to have dinner to mark the occasion of how incredibly special they were and how hotteth Sarah Miller looketh upon that day. Even then men ran things with their pants. Oh, about the Indian thing, that one ain’t my fault. You can thank “Wrongway” Columbus for that. Right up to the last minute Ol’ Chris thought he had found India, hence called the folks he met Indians. Talk about your classic denial. Now a days, whitey is to refer to them as Native Americans, as though there is something disparaging about being called Indian – I suspect there are about 3 billion folks on the Indian sub-continent that don’t mind being called Indian a bit. Keep pushing the divisiveness, it’s good for the country. So this is one great big Euro-American bastard signing off and wishing you all a nice weekend.


At 7:19 AM, Blogger Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Yeah... gotta love that Christian Right. For some reason they thought it was okay to commit genocide against the Indians and have our cities built by people of dark complexion who were also in chains.

If I had a time machine and a universal translater, I would have told the Indians that when the white folks came, they should kill'em all.

At 7:59 AM, Blogger ANNA-LYS said...

Have a great Thanksgiving, Phos.
I wish I had grandchildren it must fell like being reborn, again.

At 8:11 AM, Blogger Little Lamb said...

Have a Happy Thanksgiving!

I don't know about you guys, but I'm on the Christian right side and I do have fun.

At 11:54 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm christian,
but i could be wrong

hey, canadian thanksgiving
comes early so that we can get first pick of the new turkey crop

but what the hey -- enjoy yours!


At 12:12 PM, Blogger foam said...

i want first dibs on any turkey you are shooting and or fixing..
however, you can keep any dc or wall street turkeys you should happen to shoot.

i think i'm a christian wrong
and i could be right about that..

happy turkey and family day, phos!

At 2:43 PM, Blogger Pink said...

aww i know what its like to throw a party saturday night when someone else threw one on friday.

But go ahead and enjoy your thanksgiving too.


your friendly "I at turkey first" Canadian

At 3:19 PM, Blogger The Java Junkie said...

Even if we go to someone else's house for Thanksgiving, I still make a turkey...if I can't have a turkey sandwich the day after, I'm a wreck! Happy Turkey Day, Phos - and enjoy the grandkids!

At 6:48 AM, Blogger dianne said...

Happy Thanksgiving Phos dear and enjoy your family day. ♥

At 8:19 AM, Blogger Jack K. said...

Happy Thanksgiving.

Be sure to eat enough.

Put lots of lovin' on the grandkids and grandpuppy.

At 8:48 PM, Blogger Becky said...

Whatever you damn dirty indian! he he he

Thank goodness that crazy columbus came over here and inspired our ancestors to come over. Who knows if columbus didn't come here they might've come over anyways. Never the less I am thankful to be american, and very thankful for our super smart founding fathers!

At 6:43 PM, Blogger foam said...

is that a turkey on the far right?

At 2:38 PM, Blogger TROLL said...


You NEED to take a break from the deep dark thoughts and play Mute Mondays. Think of it as therapy!

Just to be a contrarian, here's a thought.

1) The Aztecs travelled long distances to absolutely brutalize and in some cases exterminate smaller tribes. And believed Gods were on their side.

2) The Spaniards travelled long distances to absolutely brutalize and in some cases exterminate small tribes. And believed God was on their side.

You think any of the brutalized small tribes much cared that the Aztecs were a shade darker than Spaniards and were Polytheists?

At 2:39 PM, Blogger Sarah Letnes said...

Pass the gravy! Yum!


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